Climbing Oldonyo Lengai

South of Lake Natron in the eastern rift valley of North Tanzania, lies Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai (locally regarded as the sacred Mountain of God in the Maasai Language), an active volcano. At 2878meters, Mt. Ol Doinyo Lengai is the only known volcano in the world that sometimes erupts natrocarbonatite lava, a highly fluid lava that contains almost no silicon. Natrocarbonatite lava (most fluid lava) is also much cooler than other lavas. During the day most of this lava flows look like fluid black oil. Some feel the lava flows resemble mud like-flows. Natrocarbonatite lava turns white when in contact with moisture. During rainy periods, the lava turns white almost immediately whilst this whitening takes longer during the dry periods..

Oldonyo Lengai Trek Routes

Given the long transfer distance, it is best to trek Ol Doinyo Lengai as part of a 3 day tour. Below is a standard 3 day itinerary for Ol Doinyo Lengai but keep in mind this climb can be an addition to a longer safari tour depending on your preference.

The ascent of Oldonyo Lengai can be done from four stages:
  • Day 1: Kilimanjaro Airport Transfer to Arusha
  • Day 2: Arusha Lake Natron
  • Day 3: climb Oldonyo Lengai-2870meters
  • Day4: Lake Natron to Arusha Onwards to JRO
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